Dental Imaging

We use digital X-Ray technology which means that the radiation exposure is very low, around 90% less that the old film X-Rays. Using Intraoral X-Rays, we are able to digitally image the individual tooth which is under inspection safely and precisely.

Our OPG Xray allows us to take a panoramic view of all of your teeth. Panoramic X-Rays are an incredibly useful tooth to determine if there are any problems which are not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

A few of the problems we are able to determine using OPG:

  • Decay between teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Decay under fillings
  • Infection at the tip of the root.

A 3D CBCT X-Ray may in some cases be requested by your dentist. This type of scan will give us detailed information which cannot be obtained from normal x-ray examinations. For example, if you are being considered for dental implants or other special procedures, it enables us to assess the exact shape of the bone.