Dental Implants in Dubai Only For AED 2999/=

A missing tooth can have a radical impact on your life, causing problems from psychological stress due to reduced confidence to physically experiencing aches and pains such as muscle strains or headache. It can be alarming how much a missing tooth can affect your life!

Now with 3D Imaging, the Dental Implant Procedure is not only incredibly accurate but also boasts remarkable success rates.

Benefits of Implants

  • Look, Feel, And Function Like Natural Teeth
  • A Long-Lasting Solution Which Improves Overall Health
  • Restores Your Ability To Chew Whatever Food You Like!
  • Restore Taste (No More Plastic Denture Covering Important Taste Buds In The Roof Of Your Mouth)
  • Increase Confidence!

3D Scanning for Accurate Placement

Our in-house 3D CBCT Digital X-ray Scanner will take a 360° cranial scan. Using this image, the Implantologist will be able to determine your bone density, exact position of nerves and sinus and calculate exactly where to place the implant, with accuracy down to the micromillimeter. Using this technology, we can select the correct size and type of implant which will suit your jaw, giving you the best results and practically eliminating the chances of any complication.

All- On- 4

All- On- 4 is a Dental Implant concept where all teeth in the jaw are supported on only 4 implants allowing total rehabilitation of the jaw for patients who have no teeth or have such damage that the best and most stable option for treatment is extraction.

The four implants act as anchors and are the locations where the prosthesis will be attached. The anchors, or implants, will usually be placed with 2 at the back of the mouth and 2 towards the front so that the prosthesis will bear an even force across the jaw.