A root canal treatment may be necessary if you are experiencing tooth pain caused by inflammation or infection of the pulp of the tooth.

Damage to the pulp can be due to a crack or chip, caries, deep decay or even blunt trauma from an injury and may occur even when there is no visible damage. This inflammation or infection can spread through the root of the tooth to surrounding teeth and so should be treated as soon as possible. Our highly skilled dentists will clear the infection, save as much of your tooth as possible and build the tooth back up so that the infection cannot return. This procedure is very common although great skill is required; our team frequently perform Root Canal Treatments and are exceptionally experienced and proficient in even the most complicated of cases.

If the tooth is left untreated, it may become unsalvageable, spreading infection throughout the rest of the mouth, and putting other teeth in jeopardy.

The procedure involves opening the tooth and removing the infected pulp from the center, once that is cleared the remaining space is cleaned and filled. Root Canal procedures are one of the most common dental treatment carried out; this is because in cases where the tooth might eventually require extraction, we are often able to save it where otherwise it would be lost.