Losing a tooth, or teeth, can be a devastating experience, knocking confidence and often giving the wrong impression to others. Tooth loss can be a result of poor oral hygiene or even be due to trauma such as a knock during sports. The result of this can be severe, many patients who have suffered tooth loss suffer emotional damage in terms of ridicule from their community or even depression. Speech can be altered, and chewing can be impaired; with dental implants, all of these woes can be reversed, you will be able to speak, eat and smile normally and with confidence.

A dental implant is a small screw like device which is inserted into the bone in place of the missing tooth, once the implant has been placed, the bone then grafts to the device ensuring that it is durable for life.

Whether you have one or more teeth missing, it is critical that the implants are precisely placed so that your restorative dentist can create a beautiful as well as functional restoration that feels completely natural. Implants are the finest alternative to missing teeth, far superior to dentures and partial denture restorations, with many advantages over fixed bridgework.

Our dental implants feel natural and look so good so that patients can forget they ever lost a tooth.