Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Do you suffer from a toothache that doesn’t go away on its own or through mild medication? A toothache can be a clear sign of tooth infection that requires serious dental treatment.

Root canal treatment or Endodontics is the best way to ensure a tooth’s health. If you experience symptoms such as a persistent toothache, see you dental specialist right away to learn about the cause. Sometimes a toothache can be related to a bigger, underlying problem. So, in any case, you need to get it checked right away.

At Hellenic Dental Clinic, we can help you determine the cause of a toothache through a comprehensive examination. In case you require a root canal treatment, our specialists will ensure that you receive timely medical support to clear out infection and protect the tooth from further damage.

Our Process

We start by examining the symptoms. The treatment is performed by one of our specialized endodontic specialists in case it is indeed a tooth infection. Our specialist will make that decision after carefully examining your tooth health.

During the procedure, the infected pulp is cleared out and the tooth surface is sealed with a filling. In addition, a crown is placed to protect the tooth structure form any future damage. All in all, the treatment restores your tooth’s health and ensures that its structure is secure and protected from future harm.

Why Choose Us

We have tremendous experience in helping patients get the best care during and after the root canal procedures. We do an extensive analysis of your oral health to ensure that medication suits you well and does not in any way disrupts the natural rhythm of your body.

Book an appointment today to sort out your toothache problems. Or call us to talk to one of our specialists to learn more about our procedure.