Smart Clip

Smart Clip Braces

At Hellenic Clinic, we are committed to giving our patients the best possible treatment for all their dental needs.

We understand that smile problems can cause self-esteem issues that can become a hindrance to your daily life. So we offer various orthodontic procedures that aim to fix your smile so you can live a productive life.

One such treatment smart clip braces. These braces easily provide the functionality of a regular brace without the traditional train-track appearance. Smart clip braces are self-ligating and offer a much more convenient solution to orthodontic treatment than the regular conventional braces

Why choose us

Orthodontic treatment requires special consideration for various factors. Our Specialists have the right experience to guide you through the process to make sure that whatever treatment you choose it is positively effective.

Talk to one of our specialists and understand your orthodontic requirements so you can invest in an effective solution