Enhance your smile with natural looking laminate veneers

The Power Of Veneers:

A beautiful smile, and the confidence that it brings can be life-changing. A smile is the first impression that you give and so it is essential that it is one which you are proud to show off!

Ultra- thin laminate veneers at Hellenic Dental Clinic are custom and digitally designed according to your preferences as well as your unique facial features such as skin tone, lips, gum tissue and even your hair to create a smile which looks beautiful, refreshing and natural.

  •  Resistant to staining
  •  Can fix crooked or irregular teeth
  •  Can fix gaps between teeth
  •  Cover worn or fractured teeth
  •  Can change your life

What will be the Procedure?

A Two Step Process:  

On your first visit, your dentist will do a full consultation with you to understand what your desired look is and offer friendly professional advice about the options available to compliment your personality and features. They may do minimal preparation of your teeth and take impressions and photographs to help in digitally designing your smile.

On your second appointment the doctor will show you a 3D model of your new smile and you will have the opportunity to “Try-In” your new veneers. At this stage you are able to see how they will really look in your mouth and we can make necessary adjustments if you like- you can make as many as you like until you are 100% happy! If you are happy with your dentist’s creation, we will permanently fix your new smile then and there!

How do I care for my new smile?

As you would your natural teeth! Brush and floss twice per day, don’t open bottles with your teeth and visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and check-ups. Its that simple.

Examples of Hellenic Dental Clinic cases: