Wisdom Tooth Removal

Often, there is not enough space in the jaw for our wisdom teeth to erupt properly and so your dentist may refer you to the surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction.

In this modern age, it is more common for a person to not have space in their jaw for their wisdom teeth than to have space. The reason for this is that our jaws have become smaller, not as a result of evolution, but because the modern diet is lacking in key nutrients such as Vitamin K2 and the food we are eating is softer foods which do not exercise our jaw enough to develop properly! The best way to make sure your child’s jaw is developing to the correct size, is to limit bottle feeding, make sure that foods are crunchy and chewable and filled with nutrients- try raw veggies!

At the point when all types of medicines can’t treat dental issues, tooth extractions may be suggested. In the event that your tooth is broken, harmed by plaque or if there is an additional tooth preventing the old tooth from coming out, you may require an extraction. Extractions ought to be correctly performed by an oral specialist surgeon in a sheltered and sterile condition with latest monitoring machines.

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Wisdom teeth can be extracted either normally or surgically, depending on the position of the tooth. If the tooth is not removed, it can cause decay on itself and the tooth next to it through contact, or the gums can become inflamed and infected due to the development of pockets where food can get caught.

Wisdom tooth extraction at Hellenic Dental Clinic is always carried out by a Specialist Surgeon as the tooth is in close proximity to the alveolar nerve. We use a local anesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing and will be able to drive yourself home with no problems. Recovery time may take a few days and complications are very rare.